Tracy R. Frederick

Medical Intuitive Practitioner and Energy Healer

After listening to Janis on her podcast and resonating with every word and phrase she spoke, I knew I had to work with her!!! She helped me to understand and cultivate my intuitive abilities in a way that I could use them to my advantage personally and build a business around. 

As a coach Janis understood my goals.  As an intuitive, she understood my heart. Together we planned a course of action, using her guide team and mine. Through her direction, I became aware of a healing guide who now helps me focus on helping others in my Medical Intuition practice. Janis is like a big sister who will always have your back. She did not hide who she was and or her truth.

It only took a few short months to gain the momentum needed to launch my business and grow my tribe.  Her knowledge is timeless, and I continue to  use her business strategies when working with my clients.

If you are looking for someone with intuitive abilities to help you gain certainty about yourself or if you want to become a creative business owner, look no further than Janis!

Lenore Matthew

Dr. Lenore Matthew, Ph.D., MSW

Grief and trauma specialist, psychic medium and intuitive healer.

I didn’t trust my intuitive gifts and wasn’t even sure if I had them.  I was confused and lacked confidence about my way forward.  Specifically, “Did I have it in me to create a business out of what I thought were my newfound spiritual/intuitive gifts?”  Janis helped me gain the clarity, confidence and certainty to move forward.

I was still fresh from grief after tragically losing my husband a year prior to suicide, and I wasn’t sure how to go forward in my grief and in my own life. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to take such a big leap forward – of entertaining the idea of building a business and “coming out” as a psychic medium; which was so radically different from my life before my husband’s passing.

Janis is so gifted, both intuitively and clinically. The combination of her psychic mediumship with her therapist skills are absolutely revolutionary. Of course this is all couched in her loving, compassionate, and kind spirit. She cares so deeply about her clients, and shows up completely and fully to every session, ready to work and help her clients work hard, too. Every session led to shifts and manifesting new expansions in my life, be it professional, financial, spiritual, or personal-relational.

Quite literally, after our first session, my finances began to shift (for the better!), and within two sessions, I’d booked a trip to a new location, which led to me moving there within a couple months and buying my first home. In the six months that we worked together, I established my own business, got a VERY clear sense of who I am as a professional and what is my unique added-value.

I resolved a great deal of sadness and grief related to losing my husband. I also love and TRUST myself and my intuitive gifts deeply now. When I came to Janis, I didn’t even believe that I was a medium. Now I have a calendar of clients, whom I love working with! Looking back at my life where it was six months before working with Janis versus now, I’m so much more content, confident, and appreciative of myself.

I absolutely recommend working with Janis to people who feel stuck; who doubt themselves and their ability to manifest their big dreams; who are having trouble trusting themselves and who have intuitive gifts but aren’t sure how to harness them.  If you are someone who may not yet fully believe, trust, or have confidence in yourself, and you want to align with your higher self and your life purpose, then you have to find a way to work with Janis!!!

Whitney Melancon

Whitney Melancon

Mental Health Counselor/Former Marketing Executive

My husband and I initially started seeing Janis during a crossroads in our marriage. I had also worked with Janis, individually, to manage my, then, low self-esteem and recurrent depressive episodes. The idea of an intuitive therapist was not something I was familiar with and I was quick to question her effectiveness. Her beautiful gift of intuition allows her to put words to feelings you couldn’t articulate. 

Janis has this remarkable ability to cut through the bullshit with warmth and kindness. She will challenge you without making you feel judged. She makes you feel safe, heard and seen through working with Janis both personally and as part of a couple, I was able to show up more comfortable in my skin, developed the confidence to follow a long-desired passion of mine of helping others, and feel very fulfilled as a result.  

If you are seeking a life, career or marriage that is more fulfilling, I absolutely recommend working with Janis. 


Carrie Nufrio

Senior Business Development Manager

“Thank you, Janis!  It’s amazing how you can help me get right to what is needed next on my journey. I am very grateful for you and the progress I have made and am still making. It’s really unbelievable the difference you make in people’s lives.”

I initially met with Janis because I had focused so much on work and even with amazing success, I was completely lost and unhappy. I had neglected many other areas of my life, especially my personal relationships and my own wellbeing.

I had worked with Janis, quite some time ago, for couple’s counseling and she was able to help me and my husband get our marriage back on track.  I was hopeful that she could help me get my personal life back on track, too.

Janis is unlike any other therapist.  She can connect on a deeper level by asking the right questions and following her intuition. She makes you feel comfortable and it's easy to open up to her.  She is always able to quickly identify what I need help with and come up with a plan to move forward.

I can't even tell you how much my life has turned around in a just a few weeks. I have removed all the negative throughs and behaviors that were holding me back and have created positive momentum in all the areas that were lacking!

I am grateful to have someone I can always go to when I feel I am out of alignment. She is always able to get me back on track with just a few small changes.

I highly recommend working with her!  I know she can help you or anyone in need.


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Meredith Capella

Evidential Medium and Psychic

“I literally see colors brighter. I wake up each day with an excitement for life and a desire to explore my day.  Thank you Janis!” 

I was unhappy and knew that I need to help to release something significant, a secret that I was holding onto, to help me step into the next phase of my life with ease and openness and Janis helped me to do that.

I had no reservations to work with Janis. Rather, the reservations were more about could I really allow myself to go where I need to go to release what I needed to release? 

I can’t put into words the difference in how my life looks, feels and is, from the beginning of my work with Janis to now!  I am now living in full alignment with my path and purpose and using my psychic and mediumship gifts to help others find their relief by channeling messages from loved ones who have passed.

If you are ready to live the life you know you deserve, Janis the therapist to work with. I highly recommend Janis Cohen.  Everyone should have Janis in their lives!!!

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Vicki Brown

Principal Analyst for a Research organization

As with any therapist, you want to make sure you’re comfortable in sharing your innermost thoughts and immensely personal feelings. I had always worked in person with a therapist, so, my hesitancy was working remotely with a therapist; specifically, could we have the kind of connection that was necessary to get the work done?  

I reached out to Janis because I was struggling with family issues, finding love, obtaining work-life balance, and losing weight.

Janis is so open, encouraging, intuitive, and to the point. It’s this unique combination of Janis’ gifts that has allowed us to quickly gain ground in every area we’ve worked on together.

Janis has opened my eyes and my heart to help me make significant changes within myself. I’ve learned to love myself fully again and to respect and uphold my boundaries, helping me navigate family challenges much more effectively. I learned to adjust my approach to work-life balance, change my attitude towards my body image and I’ve opened myself up and found my true love this year.

Without a doubt and without hesitancy, I would recommend Janis. She’s worth her weight in gold! Her advice and recommendations are spot on and have helped me move forward by leaps and bounds.


Working with Janis was so powerful, that after our first session, my partner and I had a better perspective on the future of our business and our life together. We even ended up getting engaged after overcoming a major block that very same day and have never been happier! Our experience of working with her has given us insight on what’s standing in the way of achieving our dreams. Now, we have a more clear vision of our paths to success.

- Zach B.

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Janis Cohen helped me identify an unconscious limiting belief that kept me from doing the work to grow my business to the next level. This was a huge "Aha Moment"! I went from being on the fence to accepting "the call" to a higher purpose for my life and growing my business to the next level. Janis has an incredible intuitive gift. I highly recommend her.

- April Y.

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Janis Cohen is a phenomenal intuitive and therapist. Janis has helped me connect with the softer, feminine aspect of myself. She has helped me become more relaxed, playful and in touch with my younger self. Being a perfectionist who tends to take things too seriously, I needed her insight to achieve balance within. Janis has helped me dial down my intense fire energy and learn to co-create with the Divine instead of forcing my will to get things done. Thank you, Janis for your loving guidance and wisdom! -

Rebecca K.

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Recently a friend told me I was an empath. I googled it immediately to learn about what it was and found Janis. My 1st session went too fast I signed up for 5 more. Our meetings were invaluable as she explained the gift of being an empath, and what it means to me and how can I use it. She made me work hard and really understand what I want out of life and equally as important how to deal with the things and people that are not good for me. She taught me to listen to my gut - it's always right. She helped me forgive, learn, and move on from a recent divorce and several failed relationships. Janis and I continue to work together so I can keep learning and improving.

- Sean R.