“Sometimes the most evolved souls take the most challenging paths.”


Before calling to inquire about PLR services, please read this page in its entirety. Spaces are limited in my schedule and if you are someone who is ready to move forward after reading this page, please give me a call or email me. ALL PLR sessions are done remotely, using Zoom.

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy is a method that I use in my Atlanta based private practice, to help clients resolve issues in their lives that have not been resolved using traditional therapeutic methods.

Personally trained as a Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist by Dr. Brian Weiss, who was made famous by Oprah, I know first-hand how effective Past Life Regression is; having discovered many of my own past lives.

When someone hires a therapist he/she doesn't know how long it will take, how much it will cost and if it will even work. One of the things that I learned from the training with Dr. Brian Weiss was how to help people who are confused and in pain find the answers and resolutions that they were looking for.

Clients enter the process in pain....physical, emotional, financial, relationship, and
spiritual pain, and they need relief.

Past Life Regression is a process in which a client allows unconscious memories of his/her soul's past lives to surface for resolution in this lifetime. You go back in time to a past life to connect with the most important aspects of one or more lifetimes, uncover your life lessons, connect the dots between your past lives and present life and become not only enlightened, but also experience a renewed sense of yourself.

I have a 98% success rate in inducing clients into past lives.


Phone consultation (15 minutes) Complimentary

This complimentary phone consultation will allow us to initially explore your reason for seeking a Past Life Regression.  If you choose the option to complete the Past Life Regression session in one sitting, (Past Life Regression Intensive), we will carve out at least 3 hours of your time.  (This is the typical route clients choose.) Schedule your consultation.

To secure your Initial PLR appointment, 

Portrait of a female psychotherapist listening attentively to a woman client at a session in an office.

Intake Interview

*** Required for all Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy Clients

A thorough evaluation is essential for structuring the Past Life Regression process.  This time that we spend together will allow us to get to know each other, understand your medical, emotional, spiritual, and physical history, as well as look at current challenges.  This intake session will also assist you in formulating your primary question(s) for the Past Life Regression Process.

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Past Life Regression

Allowing your soul the permission to reconnect with your past lives is essential to gain clarity about your challenges. This process is immensely powerful.
As and added bonus, I will channel additional clarifying information for you while you are hypnotized that will be easy for you to integrate into you waking life moving forward.

Please note: I facilitate PLR differently than anyone in the world because I offer much more than a one hour past life regression.

Not only will I guide your soul to connect with the past life that is necessary for you to access, but you will also be guided to access your higher mind’s wisdom to answer all of your other questions in detail.  In addition, you will be receiving the channeled messages that I give you from your spirit guide team and mine to further add to your experience so that you may integrate them more fully into your life.

This 3-pronged process that I use is unparalleled by anyone else who is trained to facilitate PLR’s.

Your experience will be a full one and you will walk away with greater insight and understanding with my extensive process.

Should we decide to move forward with the PLR after our 15 minute consultation, you will receive a PLR prep form.  This will give you all of the information you need to know so that you will be prepared.

The entire regression session will be recorded via the ZOOM, and you will receive the recording after your session.  This will allow you to watch yourself as you experience the regression and listen to what you shared.  What is amazing about this process is that you will remember everything you have shared during the process even without the recording.

I am excited to work with you and help you have a wonderful and complete past life regression experience.

Investment: $997.00

****Refund policy: Because your soul has its own mission and intention, I cannot directly influence whether or not your soul or your mind will allow you to be regressed at the time of your appointment. I am simply a facilitator or the process.

Therefore, should your mind or your soul resist the regression process at the time of service, please understand that I will be unable to refund your money, since you have reserved that time in my schedule for your regression and I am unable to offer that time to someone else.