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Your intuition — that quiet voice inside of you — can dramatically change your life if you listen to it. It can steer you away from negativity, change how you look at things, and can guide you towards a peaceful way of living. Your intuitive voice always wants you to have what you need. It aligns with your basic desire to be happy and to live a life of purpose and meaning.

The Intuitive Therapist can serve you in at least two ways: it can help you connect more deeply with yourself and your truth, and it can help you to pay it forward: you can provide your clients with rich solutions to life lessons and give them guidance to live with authenticity and wisdom.

Regardless of what stage of your career you are in, The Intuitive Therapist will help you create a solid foundation of understanding of some key concepts in your work with your clients.  You will learn how to tap into the root of your client’s challenges quickly and develop treatment plans that are truly aligned with their needs and values.  You will also learn therapeutic secrets and strategies that you can use to help your clients create lasting change.

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The Intuitive Therapist

By Janis R. Cohen

Most importantly, you’ll enter the world of six-sensory living, which asks that you let your ego step out of the way and allow a flow of Higher information to filter down into your awareness so that you can work faster and more effectively with your clients. The Intuitive Therapist is a must-have reference for any therapist who seeks a more rewarding professional experience.